About Us

KASS is a young platform for emerging artists to present their artworks on a global scale.

KASS, an emerging startup, based out of Bangalore is all about imprinting creativity and nurturing creative innovators. KASS is a young platform for emerging artists to present their artworks on a global scale. We want to share the magic and healing effect of creativity because it is the purest way to express and understand oneself.

Upon the introduction to our creative inner selves, we’ll realise that our entire life journey is within us. Today the world is continually discovering innovative ways to be creative and awesome. KASS tries to explore these expressions of limitless and infinite creativity- be it painting, writing, photography or sculpting.

Our Abilities

We here at KASS provide numerous services to a variety of clients.

Art Curation




Message from the Founder

The concept for KASS came to life in a conversation with my father back in Grade 11. Ever since then, almost every decision I have made is to fire up this dream. We are all about imprinting the lives we touch. So, that begins from the artists we represent to our patrons and prospects. We strive to make a difference to every KASS artist’s life by giving them the appropriate platform and avenues to showcase their ideas and imagination. Simultaneously, we strive to ensure that every artwork a prospect acquires adds to their story accentuating the value of their home.
Being an artist myself, I realise that this industry is difficult to tread and as a curator, I also know good art is defined by the varying trends in the different countries. Learning new trends about the industry every day owing to the exposure I am able to gain, I endeavour to empower every artist working with us.

My parents have taught me the most important aspect of living is to make a difference and therefore KASS’s charity wing will aim to nurture talented children and provide them with the appropriate platform to realise their goals. The success of the charity wing will truly define how successful KASS has been in imprinting lives and leaving our mark. Therefore, we work towards making that eventual goal come true every single day.